Fourth Annual Road Rally

St Gregory’s will hold its fourth annual Road Rally on Sunday, November 8th at 1pm.

From Jan Eyerman, the organizer of the rally:

You do not need any special equipment, experience, or special knowledge to compete (and maybe win).  It is kind of like a scavenger hunt, except you don’t collect stuff, you have to SEE stuff.  All you need is a car, a driver and any number of “navigators”. The more people in your car, the easier it is to spot clues along the route.  The route is simple and clearly described (“Turn RIGHT on Hill Road”).    The rally will be run rain or shine.  This NOT a car show and you can enter any type of car you want (although there is a trophy for “Antique/collector/hot rod” cars).   The Rally is NOT a show but a drive through scenic Hunterdon County.  This is a fun event for the entire family. Family teams of father-son/daughter versus mother son/daughter are encouraged!  The event sign-in starts at 1:00 PM in the St Gregory Palamas church parking lot. In the event the church parking lot is full, park on Main St..  First car off is 2:00 PM. The entry fee is $20 per car which covers the driver and any number of navigators. 

The route is all on low speed local roads.  Speed limits are all below 35 MPH.  Be sure to obey ALL traffic laws.  It is not a timed rally, so you can take as long as you need, but be back by 4:00 PM (or sooner) when responses will be tallied and awards will be presented.   

For the rally a set of directions will be given out with questions that need to be answered.  The answers are located along the route.  An example might be “What goes with bread?” and the street name that you are turning onto is “Butter Lane”.  So the correct answer would be “Butter”.  However, not all of the questions relate to street signs!  For example a question might be “What is at 520?” and painted on the mail box at 520 is a dog.  Your navigator(s) must keep a sharp eye out for things along the road that might answer the question.  The more eyes in your car the better, so if the whole family is in the car, that makes for more observers!  You can indeed use your GPS, however that will not help answer the questions.   Your score will be based upon the number of correctly answered questions. The car with the most correct answers wins its class.  In the case of ties, there will be a secret “tie-breaker” question.

We are looking forward to a fun filled afternoon. Hot, homemade soups and bread will be sold by the Sisterhood for $5. Cake, coffee or tea are included in the entry fee. Come join us! Everyone that participated in last year’s event had a great time. 

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