Blessing Talida and Arun’s new home

After a bright Sunday Liturgy and the usual feast at coffee hour, Matushka, Eva and I hopped into the car to follow Talida and Arun to their new home. After a white-knuckle drive down 287 and some serious back-roads navigating to avoid the tolls, we arrived in Jamesburg almost an hour later. Friends and family were already gathered in the young couple’s new home. We collected ourselves, made sure Eva was content, and began the house blessing.

The blessing of a new home is a bit more involved than the house blessings we have at Theophany. The priest blesses a small amount of oil and anoints the four walls of the house. The oil signifies the presence of Christ, “whose name is as outpourred myrrh.” Thus the new home is founded on Christ Himself: By virtue of our baptism, our lives become patterned after His; likewise, at the blessing of a new house, we ask that the life of the home be patterned after the Life of His Church.


The Gospel reading and the hymnography of the service recall the pericope of Zaccheus, especially the words of our Lord: “Today salvation has come to your house.”

O Lord Jesus Christ, our God, Who was pleased to enter under the roof of Zacchaeus the Publican, and brought salvation to him and all his house: Preserve, now, unharmed by any evil thing, them that have desired to live here, and offer to You prayers and supplications through us who are unworthy, blessing them and this habitation, and keeping their life always free from snares, abundantly granting them, by Your blessing, every good thing that is profitable for them. For unto You is due all glory, honor and worship, together with Your Father Who is without beginning, and Your Most-holy, Good and Life-creating Spirit, now and ever and unto ages of ages. Amen.

May the Lord bless Talida and Arun, granting them every good thing, and many, many years!

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